tried to Kill me
But Banjos Saved My Life

An Award Winning, Inspirational True Story
Keith Alessi playing a banjo

The Show

Everyone has a story.  Your stories matter.  

Keith Alessi had a story.  

He was neither an actor nor a musician, and his journey to the stage was a highly improbable one. But this show is a reflection of the power and purpose our stories can have when we share them with the world in an authentic and honest way.

The grassroots sound of the banjo lures you in and brings you back to a simpler time in life, as Keith takes you on the journey of his unique personal story about how music was the catalyst to ultimately saving his life.

A heartwarming, true story of transformation, this show is like a homecoming, and has captivated audiences internationally.

Everyone has a story.

What’s yours?

Director's Note

From Erika Conway

Keith’s story is as important as it is compelling and a meaningful lesson for all of us.

Our stories change us, challenge us, and define us.  There is healing in speaking out the truth.  Life can throw us obstacles but, if we choose to look at it through a different lens, they can be the gifts to steer us back to ourselves and our souls.

This has been the heartbeat of the show and the magic I have attempted to capture and draw out in the sharing of his personal story.

Keith is an entertaining and dynamic storyteller but it's his bravery, authenticity and vulnerability on stage that holds the real power to this piece. We have purposefully constructed it in a way that allows him to engage you in the journey, disarm you with music and humor and then pull at your heartstrings.

It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of bringing this incredible story to the stage and it is my hope that it will cause you to reflect on your own journey, wake you up to listen to that nudge inside of you and unlock the passions that have been tucked away.